5 honest facts about long distance relationship!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship??do you know how hard it is??do you feel that??

Ok let me tell you a secret” it sucks” :p why do even people be in this relationship!for the sake of love! Of course!what else it could be :/ most people find it romantic!yes-15% romantic may be :p if you follow the old school rules of relationship.. Sending letters and dreaming about togetherness, dreaming about future, and dreaming ..dreaming ..and dreaming!!!!I can tell you about this because I am the “experienced” one.And trust me its not the superb feelings anyone wants to have 😦 !

Well,there are lots of novels, stories ,short films, articles about long distance relationships..always ready to tell you about obstacles ,overcoming suggestions bla bla bla.Even Google offers lots of suggestions how to make it out, how to survive this relationship :p after all of  this,most of this relationship fails.. Some works because they see each other every 3/6 months!I mean seriously man you can’t stay away from each other for like 4 years ,dated only 20 something days and expect to work it out!! Lots of facts are there to know and realize.so I am going to tell about 5 honest facts of long distance relationship that sucks:

Fact no.1 : only the feeling ” love” is not enough for a relationship to survive! most of the article says that communication is the key!seriously??talking over phones,video calls, snapchat,Facebook updates which tells you that you’re connected!so that’s the communication ( I hope there’s a feeling behind)! And that’s the “love” being showed in long distance relationship.

Fact no.2 :In long distance relationship ,all we do is talking talking and talking and everything depends on talking like if you talk shit, your partner will feel bad, if you talk whatever you want ,may be your partner won’t understand or misunderstand( yes,this can happen) and if you don’t talk to avoid this problem then there will be a communication gap! So you have to talk nice (coz talking issues will piss your mind :p) and your true feelings can rest in peace!

no.3:Admit it- you will never have your partner when you need them the most!! When devastated ,when your heart breaks into pieces 😦 you need someone to hold you for a while, hug you ,hold your hand, stand with you to face anything and everything,gives you shoulder to cry on!that’s the real thing ..showing love when someone needed their partner the most! And it cannot be fulfilled virtually!!

Fact no.4:let’s talk about timing!when you and your partner living in different continent and its day-night problem you are having.. What I mean is if you are awake ..your partner is sleeping ..you want to tell him something but you cannnot feel that connection to talk at that time..or want to hear something nice or romantic he or she may be tired.. Lots of feelings,wish, most importantly running time which you supposed to be spend together…which may be sacrificed and it is not something to feel good about.. Time flies! :/

Fact no.5: OK ..couple who are in long distance relationship for 3 or 4 or more years and see each other only for days in those years- they definitely gonna face this problems.. They won’t understand each others expression and its obvious because you guys haven’t seen each others way of expressing emotions.. Dealing with that,habits, which one hurts, which one make happy,which things wonderful,lacking of spending time can affect understanding that both of them need to build !!loving is important but ..not being with each other may cause silent grief, heartache which another partner may never know!! 

So it is important for those long distance relationship couple to be with each other at least once in couple of months to build the base of that relationship. Or it may collapsed easily every time you fix!!

After all ,long distance relationship is hard! And it hurts!!

And of course it is a wonderful relationship one can have ..because you know that trust is there, loyalty is there  ,true feelings are there..it is somehow a test of love for them πŸ™‚ 


5 thoughts on “5 honest facts about long distance relationship!

  1. Unfortunately, this is true. One can’t just keep looking at food and write poetry about it. Sometime, they have to eat. However, there are many situations where this relationship might make sense. I think, despite these situations, the compensation should be very huge to have it survive for long time.

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    1. Totally agree with you!!looking at food and write poetry may feel good for a while.. Not for the long time.couple must understand the fact and realize sacrificing wishes and time is not the basic of this relationship..it will may create distance between them and love may lost!!As you said compensation should be very huge to make you feel satisfied and worth the pain! πŸ™‚

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