Who wins the war between your heart and your mind?

People are emotional while judgemental.people love to follow their heart until its delighting  peaceful,brings joy. Mind comes when people started calculating with their negative emotions,where competition or pressure raised to achievie something precious.

Well that’s where the war begins.when people love to follow their heart to delight themselves but  will surely gonna lose something if they don’t use their mind!!pathetic! Right?!!

Some of the great people in the history advised to follow your heart rather then mind!in some point I agree when it comes to the point of refreshment,all the feeling that makes me happy! But other times when its time to take serious decisions like making deals, quiting job, divorce,moving another city or country or anything important..how can a person take decision only by choosing heart or just mind?!

Mostly people choose their mind to take decisions in serious issues. Sometimes it works,sometimes it fails even if your plans are superb! And some people follow their heart whatever it takes.even if it goes wrong they still follow..they don’t care!literally!

There are some things we need to accept and tell ourselves everyday that we cannot control everything! Things may not happen like we planned. If you have a problem, definitely there’s a solution so relax for a while don’t need to pressure your mind and heart!and if there is no solution why are you even wasting your time thinking about it,there’s no use!

It doesn’t matter who wins the fight between your heart and mind.it is not wise to get too emotional so that you can save yourself from heartache so use your mind a little and follow your heart.. It will lead you into the correct path and brings you happiness πŸ™‚

Keep smiling πŸ™‚


19 thoughts on “Who wins the war between your heart and your mind?

  1. The way of breaking it down is logic vs feeling. What’s the logical way of dealing with a situation? What do you feel is the best way of dealing with the situation? You’ll often find that the two answers are very conflicting and that then leaves you a choice to make without any real compromise between the logical conclusion and what feels right. I suppose the first step is to decide which answer suits the situation best. Of course, that can be difficult. It’s one of those paradoxical scenarios and I’m too hungover to reach a decent conclusion πŸ˜‚
    Great post though. Definitely got the cogs turning πŸ‘

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    1. It is true that choosing the best answer between logic and feelings is very conflicting.and scary! :p i must say! as you said decide which options goes with situation and make decision. I agree with u.. if i need to do any real compromise and I feel good about it, I’ll do it. This conflicts and debates will go on. All I am saying is it doesn’t matter it is logic or feelings.. If you take decision knowing all the circumstances and still feel confident and good about it -You Win!! πŸ™‚

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