Starting over

Hello everyone ..this is Jasia ..this is my first day here.. I know its sounds lame and as usual but I feel new member is like a new born baby 🙂 where everyone posting and sharing their thoughts I am trying to figure out mine.writing is something like healing for me.. All I need is positive energies and spread mine ❤ I am a happy soul!!!



The versatile blogger award!!

Following your heart is really something!!isn’t it!today I feel peace in my heart because somehow it always managed to do something that makes me happy!And I am happy that I am nominated for the “versatile blogger award” by Books n me! Its my first award and i am really inspired by this.Thank you for nominating me! I hope to get some suggestions from you on books 😉 


  • You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (Being kind)
  •  Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love, that was given)
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice (At least)
  • Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful)

7 Facts about me:

  1. I am a wild child
  2. I believe in karma
  3. I love biriyani
  4. My motto is to help people
  5. I am still learning to say no
  6. I love reading books,travelling and cooking
  7. I want to be a great mom!

 I nominate:

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Happy blogging 🙂 

    #things to remember #stay positive

    Life is all about ups and downs!we always busy dealing with this or that and almost forget about ourselves! And that is the worst thing we can do to ourselves.there will always be some problems,or works or duties to fulfill or lots of stress but we should remember some important things that will keep us on the right path.

    Boost your confidence, give yourself compliments on doing something good, love yourself a lot and stay positive!

    And don’t forget to smile 🙂

    5 honest facts about long distance relationship!

    Have you ever been in a long distance relationship??do you know how hard it is??do you feel that??

    Ok let me tell you a secret” it sucks” :p why do even people be in this relationship!for the sake of love! Of course!what else it could be :/ most people find it romantic!yes-15% romantic may be :p if you follow the old school rules of relationship.. Sending letters and dreaming about togetherness, dreaming about future, and dreaming ..dreaming ..and dreaming!!!!I can tell you about this because I am the “experienced” one.And trust me its not the superb feelings anyone wants to have 😦 !

    Well,there are lots of novels, stories ,short films, articles about long distance relationships..always ready to tell you about obstacles ,overcoming suggestions bla bla bla.Even Google offers lots of suggestions how to make it out, how to survive this relationship :p after all of  this,most of this relationship fails.. Some works because they see each other every 3/6 months!I mean seriously man you can’t stay away from each other for like 4 years ,dated only 20 something days and expect to work it out!! Lots of facts are there to know and realize.so I am going to tell about 5 honest facts of long distance relationship that sucks:

    Fact no.1 : only the feeling ” love” is not enough for a relationship to survive! most of the article says that communication is the key!seriously??talking over phones,video calls, snapchat,Facebook updates which tells you that you’re connected!so that’s the communication ( I hope there’s a feeling behind)! And that’s the “love” being showed in long distance relationship.

    Fact no.2 :In long distance relationship ,all we do is talking talking and talking and everything depends on talking like if you talk shit, your partner will feel bad, if you talk whatever you want ,may be your partner won’t understand or misunderstand( yes,this can happen) and if you don’t talk to avoid this problem then there will be a communication gap! So you have to talk nice (coz talking issues will piss your mind :p) and your true feelings can rest in peace!

    no.3:Admit it- you will never have your partner when you need them the most!! When devastated ,when your heart breaks into pieces 😦 you need someone to hold you for a while, hug you ,hold your hand, stand with you to face anything and everything,gives you shoulder to cry on!that’s the real thing ..showing love when someone needed their partner the most! And it cannot be fulfilled virtually!!

    Fact no.4:let’s talk about timing!when you and your partner living in different continent and its day-night problem you are having.. What I mean is if you are awake ..your partner is sleeping ..you want to tell him something but you cannnot feel that connection to talk at that time..or want to hear something nice or romantic he or she may be tired.. Lots of feelings,wish, most importantly running time which you supposed to be spend together…which may be sacrificed and it is not something to feel good about.. Time flies! :/

    Fact no.5: OK ..couple who are in long distance relationship for 3 or 4 or more years and see each other only for days in those years- they definitely gonna face this problems.. They won’t understand each others expression and its obvious because you guys haven’t seen each others way of expressing emotions.. Dealing with that,habits, which one hurts, which one make happy,which things wonderful,lacking of spending time can affect understanding that both of them need to build !!loving is important but ..not being with each other may cause silent grief, heartache which another partner may never know!! 

    So it is important for those long distance relationship couple to be with each other at least once in couple of months to build the base of that relationship. Or it may collapsed easily every time you fix!!

    After all ,long distance relationship is hard! And it hurts!!

    And of course it is a wonderful relationship one can have ..because you know that trust is there, loyalty is there  ,true feelings are there..it is somehow a test of love for them 🙂 

    Who wins the war between your heart and your mind?

    People are emotional while judgemental.people love to follow their heart until its delighting  peaceful,brings joy. Mind comes when people started calculating with their negative emotions,where competition or pressure raised to achievie something precious.

    Well that’s where the war begins.when people love to follow their heart to delight themselves but  will surely gonna lose something if they don’t use their mind!!pathetic! Right?!!

    Some of the great people in the history advised to follow your heart rather then mind!in some point I agree when it comes to the point of refreshment,all the feeling that makes me happy! But other times when its time to take serious decisions like making deals, quiting job, divorce,moving another city or country or anything important..how can a person take decision only by choosing heart or just mind?!

    Mostly people choose their mind to take decisions in serious issues. Sometimes it works,sometimes it fails even if your plans are superb! And some people follow their heart whatever it takes.even if it goes wrong they still follow..they don’t care!literally!

    There are some things we need to accept and tell ourselves everyday that we cannot control everything! Things may not happen like we planned. If you have a problem, definitely there’s a solution so relax for a while don’t need to pressure your mind and heart!and if there is no solution why are you even wasting your time thinking about it,there’s no use!

    It doesn’t matter who wins the fight between your heart and mind.it is not wise to get too emotional so that you can save yourself from heartache so use your mind a little and follow your heart.. It will lead you into the correct path and brings you happiness 🙂

    Keep smiling 🙂

    what really matters!!!

    All my life I was dying to be loved.. I thought feeling loved and not being alone is the achievement and key to be happy!so I was living my life loving myself (of course) ,spending time with my friends and cousins ,enjoying every single moment and developing myself so that I can be a better person to be loved. I thought not wasting time in regrets and taking decisions on my own and feeling peace in my mind and heart is the happiness one can find. And …I still think that’s the way of living life ..coz I feel satisfied by the way I lived ..I felt good and I feel good right now.

    But the only thing I was worried and scared about is loneliness. I realized I never wanted to be lonely.there is difference between being alone and being lonely!I can be alone by myself ,do my stuff ,live a happy life (coz I love myself) but I cannot and never wanted to be lonely ..my family my friends were the most important part for my life specially my friends because I spent more time with them rather then my family(its only because I love to hangout and travel :p)as I grew up I never changed mentally only developed with new and better ideas. I fell in love and made my love life a mess.. But still I was happy I was not lonely ,as time passes I started losing friends ,I realized there’s a huge difference between our opinions and moral values.I decided to be seperate from those thoughts. Coz if u don’t want to be crap then stay away from crap!! That’s what I learned.Positive energies must be ones first priority to live in peace.

    My best friend got married this month and moving another city. It is hard but it is bearable pain ..all I learned in every stage you will face some difficulties or you can say challenges and its totally depends on you how you take challenges and still inspire urself in so many ways.

    I choose to stay with who really matters for me.. My family ..my love of life who lives in another country :/ ,my real friends .. But I don’t feel lonely ..I only feel alone sometimes which I love to spend on myself!

    People should not feel lonely ,find new ways to be with their loved ones and be with them who really matters.

    And Do what really matters! 🙂